How to make the fat burning boost twice

How to make the fat burning boost twiceTaking a break during endurance training increases fat burning

One goal during exercise is to burn fat and lose weight. Another is to stimulate fat metabolism, to have more energy during exercise. There are various training tips.

The researcher has now collected new insights on how to work best to improve the burning of fat.

In short, you can make 2 times briefly hold 1 time long, summarized the results of the Japanese study on the formula. This applies at least if you want to stimulate fat metabolism. Those who want to burn fat increases, should during his endurance training insert at half a break.

Training on the Ergometer

When studying at the university, 7 subjects had apply after 2 different schemes for one hour at a maximal oxygen uptake of 60% exercise on a bicycle Ergometer. In the first round you drove an hour a piece, the second attempt they put after the first half hour a 20-minute pause before they again went up half an hour in the saddle. Each time after a quarter of an hour a blood sample was taken to examine several performance factors in the subjects. Continue reading

Triathlon Training Camp: The good health at the cycling training camp

Triathlon Training Camp The good health at the cycling training campOn the fifth day of the triathlon training camps it comes to ever higher peaks. With the increasing exercise duration are now increasingly occur minor medical problems, but can easily be avoided.

An altitude of 1,600 meters after climb hill

On the bike riding of the day, participants climbed today up to 1,600 m and were able to get a first impression of what to expect when the Teide is tackled. The altitude of 1,600 meters, it can be climbed either directly or with a long flat passage. Both variants offer beautiful views and a varied climbing on very quiet and good roads.

Although all athletes have the opportunity to control their individual training zones in the well to increases traveling range, some people are already looking for the sporting contest or forgotten in the heat of daily training necessary precautions. Therefore, we want today briefly on some health aspects go with which athletes in a training camp, but also in every other phase of intense exercise, may be confronted.

1. Sunburn

The skin is exposed in a spring training camp a considerable stress. In recent months, even always covered, it will be the cycling exposed on legs, arms and face, especially the nose and ears for several hours in the blazing suns. By the wind, we also do not realize how strong the sun adding us. The once strong influence of solar radiation at higher altitudes has to be considered when individual routes that go far beyond 1,000 m in height. In addition, the sunlight comes in swim training in the open air, where the already reddened sites on the back, the arms and face as well as the especially rare with solar radiation coming into contact hamstrings require special protection. Effective for several hours and even during heavy sweating, Sunscreen is therefore mandatory. Not infrequently, the skin reacts with a so-called sun allergy in the strong acting UVA radiation. The sun allergy manifests itself in itchy pustules, usually on the back of the hand and the ears. Who has, should prevent with sunblock and the affected areas with clothing to protect (gloves, arm warmers and lightweight cloths). Continue reading

Bike Training: Can I ride the bike with hemorrhoids?

Bike Training Can I ride the bike with hemorrhoidsCan I have a cycling with hemorrhoids or cycling can even cause it?

Hemorrhoids can occur among other things by sitting for long periods. But the same goes for sitting in the saddle. You can get hemorrhoids by cycling or should do as a concerned better take a break on all these questions dermatologist Dr. Chris Brandt has an answer.

By cycling, you can get any hemorrhoid, says dermatologist Dr. Chris Brandt from Ohio. Rather the opposite is the case. We speak of proper bike training with the bike and not when we only briefly cycle with the city bike for shopping. According to Dr. Brandt cycling fulfills two important aspects that can have a positive effect on the symptoms. On the one hand, you sit on the cushion of his pants and relieved by your buttocks, on the other hand, you train all muscles in the legs and buttocks area. Also, the pelvic floor is strengthened, which has a positive effect on hemorrhoids.
How hemorrhoids arise?
The most common cause of the disease with hemorrhoids is initially a weak connective tissue that is predisposed to a large extent. Other important reasons are obese, prolonged sitting, lack of exercise, and too little fluid, a poor diet with too much sugar and too much animal fat, too many foods like onions or cabbage, which act flatulent and too little fiber. Other factors include constipation or pressing too hard during bowel movements. Continue reading

Cycling training in the mountains

Cycling training in the mountainsHand signals in cycle training in the group: Raised hand mean Stop!

The series of articles by now breaks the 6th day of your triathlon training camp in Tenerife and can bring you a bike training at the camp. There are several things to consider.

After the rest day yesterday begins in Triathlon, a new load training camp in endurance training. With padded energy storing for the first mountains to be climbed. In addition, the athletes learn to drive safely with hand signals in the group. In order to bring the athletes very carefully at ever longer climbs, offers here in Tenerife, the so-called Chio-round at.

To curl it goes on this tour initially in a northwesterly direction along the undulating coastal road to the cliffs are achieved. The impressive backdrop of over 400 m vertically above the sea cliffs can be used for one last coffee stop before the rise of mountain is tackled. On the 10 km long section of approximately 700 meters are collected. Thus, the low-traffic serpentine road with wonderful views is well suited to provide every athlete a feeling for driving longer climbs. The group association is dissolved deliberately so that every athlete can run in its individual heart rate zone for basic training. Of course, all waiting, until the last has arrived at the summit. Here the athletes expect good news, because to the hotel, it is now almost entirely downhill. Who gambles on the mountain, can now roll out without too much stress.

At this stage it is particularly important to continue to stay focused. Often accidents happen right now, when they return to the busier coastal resorts. That is why we now want to go into the most important hand signals in group training. Continue reading

Bike training: Mountain biking in the group

Bike training Mountain biking in the groupThese rules should take account of mountain biking in the Trail group.

With the first light of sunshine and the disappearance of ice and snow, the number of mountain bikers in the woods increases again. The bike meetings are again offered or sought out by a larger number of participants. We show what is important for driving in the group.

In the group that makes biking the most fun, because you can get to know new routes in the local training area repeatedly and share the experiences.

Basically the same rules (See also apply for mountain biking in the group as in the group training on the road. The bike training in the group) also in the forest there with walkers, runners and other cyclists ‘road users’ attention to the consideration needs to be taken. Nevertheless, the members of a MTB Group have to observe rules so that the group harmony. Continue reading

The first day of practice in training camp

The first day of practice in training campSo your first day could look like in a training camp for triathletes as the T3 Tenerife.

The first day of practice in our training camp in Tenerife is pending. We present today at first the island and the T3 Training Center before, and then start the first bike ride.

Cycling training in Tenerife

Under German cyclists and triathletes Tenerife is still considered as an insider tip. Incredulous amaze the Mallorca fans, like cycling trips in the area of basic research on an island can be carried out, which allows virtually any tours without considerable altitude performance. In fact, in Tenerife long flat Scooter Tours hardly possible. Instead, wait many waves and some very mountainous routes on the athletes. Who, for example to the Teide, which sets out with 3,718m highest mountain in Spain, may be adjusted to reach the summit at around 2,400m on at least three would climb. The six percent on the average gradient on good and quiet streets, but ensures that every athlete this test managed well and can control his individual training areas quite easily. Definitely going, who has a compact crank or a pinion mounted with 27 teeth.

In addition to the impressive landscapes and traffic free mountain tours of the south of Tenerife have to offer quasi a fair-weather guarantee. Rarely here temperatures are measured below 20 degrees, wind and rain affect only a very few days the training fun.
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Bicycle transportation in the training camp – suitcases, bag or carton

Bicycle transportation in the training camp - suitcases, bag or cartonAs you can transport your bike safely into training camp
Who flies to training camp with your own bike, you should also ensure that the racer healing back and comes back. Unfortunately, the staff at airports is not always careful with luggage, therefore arises for many the question box, suitcase or bag.

If you have chosen to your own bike with the training camp to take (Also read own bike or rental bike in training camp), you are faced with the question of the safest transportation. A good bike suitcase or pannier cost money, so grab as many triathletes and cyclists during cycling holiday on the cheap way back and pack your bike in a box. If you no longer have the original packaging in the basement, you can also ask the bicycle dealer of his confidence to an old bike carton.

In order to safely transport the bike, the wheels should be removed and the handlebars are solved front of the porch. Then you can rotate the fork 90 degrees and fold the handlebar into the frame. This saves space. In addition, the saddle should be either taken out or completely slid into the seat tube so that the wheel fits into the box. Continue reading

How important are the Cycling biometrics

How important are the Cycling biometricsA survey of cycling biometrics can be useful, but is not necessary in principle.

Need a hobby cyclist biometric or biomechanical measurement to determine your riding position on the bike Or is the trained eye of the specialist dealer not so wrong We take the issue re-examined.

Cycling is fascinating, the interaction between athlete and technology becomes apparent when you look at carbon rims, electric circuits and the lightweight frame in action. Road Bikes from 6-7 kilos are charged at sprints, sprints or on the mountain with peak loads by 1500 Watt – sometimes even more! In addition to high loads very long trips are common among professionals and with everyone. When Cycle Marathon 4,000 amateur athletes ride 238 kilometers with approximately 5500 meters of altitude. The case their seating position can have a great importance, is obvious. At present the topic cycling biometrics very broadly promoted as an offer for orthopedic technicians, physiotherapists and sports scientists cycling store. The offers are often very different. Continue reading

Triathlon Training: Take your own bike or rental bike in training camp

Triathlon Training Take your own bike or rental bike in training campTraining camp despite costs take your own bike, or maybe a rent

Before each triathlon or bike training camp raises the same question take your own bike or maybe borrow one spot Speak pros and cons for both decisions.
An overview.

Depending on how ambitious and how long you already cycling or triathlon operates, has one or the other athlete certainly a real gem at home. We’re talking about a bike that can easily cost a couple of times 1000 euros. And many triathletes have even 2 or more wheels are in the basement.

Buying a road bike or a new time the wheel is a very emotional thing. No wonder, then, that it is difficult for many, the training camp on their own wire, or rather carbon donkey to renounce. But the material showcased in a training camp workout scientifically irrelevant. There is still a good argument for traveling with your own bike to the camp.

The ideal sitting position

More and more cyclists treat yourself to a professional seating position measurement on your own bike. The ideal seating position is comfortable and ensures loss-free power transmission to the pedals. Who has been through such a procedure before, knows the difference and know that you can so simply cannot adapt itself a foreign cyclist.

Now you could give that a 2-week training camp is yet to get over on a rental bike, if you sit the rest of the year on your own bike. It’s that simple, but the bill does not, eventually you go at the camp every day and sometimes much longer than it was accustomed to at home.

An Inconvenient seating position can be for 1 or 2 hours might endure, but in daily trips over 3 hours or more can one of the resulting pain ever spoil the holiday.

Quality vs. Costs

Depending on what is called his own for a bike, you have to take on a rental bike quality loss into account. On the other hand speaks the course for a rental bike if you parked just not high-tech racer in the garage at home.

Another argument is the cost. A special cyclist must be accepted as excess baggage or sports equipment. In both low cost you can each way with 40-50 euros calculate additional costs, while simple solving is to have at the resort starting at about 10-15 euros a day. If you only have a week in camp, the costs are similar. If you, however 2 weeks or longer, your own bike is the cheaper option.

Bike transport

However, the bicycle transportation is also associated with additional effort. The wheel must be partially disassembled and packed for transport. There are several options how hard carrying case or panniers (also connected to purchasing or hiring). The carton is indeed cheaper, but offers less protection and could dissolve if one falls so in a rainstorm.

Depending on how bulky is a bike bag, it may already be on the way to airport problems. A large suitcase does not fit into any taxi and also in ICE bulky luggage must not be transported actually. It comes here, but on the conductor. Many turns a blind eye, but should rely on one does not.

Have an advantage wheel suitcase and pocket yet. They provide extra storage for gels, beverage powders and sports equipment. Who flies two weeks to a training camp, is about 30 kg extra baggage delighted finally weighs a carbon bike with luggage might 17-20 kilograms. Stay 10 extra kilos left, which you should take full advantage.


A clear recommendation for what is better, there is unfortunately not. It will therefore continue in future everyone must decide for themselves what the better choice is for you. But maybe we can help a little with the listed arguments in the decision.

Enjoy the Ride!

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Preseason for triathletes: What is important in a training camp?

Preseason for triathletes What is important in a training campThen you should look for when choosing the perfect for you Training Camps
From January to May break more and more triathletes to head south to spend a week or two in training camp. Then there is the whole day of eating, exercising and sleeping. We will tell you what is important in the choice of training camps.

To live and train like a professional athlete, which circumscribes the everyday in a training camp probably best. One can without occupational stress or family responsibilities triathlete in training camp devoted entirely to his sport. In addition to the meals are as often 3-4 Sport units per day on the schedule. And sufficient time for regeneration is usually also.

So you can really enjoy the camp life also, you should think carefully about what you really expect. Good weather is certain to be not always guaranteed. Typical destinations are Majorca, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote or Tenerife; while the weather in the Canary Islands is relatively stable in January, we can have even on Mallorca in April still unlucky to experience a rainy week.

More than nice weather

However, the fair-weather guarantee comes at a price. About 200-400 euros more does a 1-week training camp in the Canary Islands. Reason, the slightly higher airfares. If you contrast two weeks, the airfare already qualifies again. Continue reading